Tanzanian Meat Prices Remain Unchanged Despite Increased Cattle Supply

TANZANIA - Cattle supply at Pugu market recorded an increase last week, resulting into price fall across all the breeds although the retail prices remained unchanged in most parts of Dar es Salaam Region.

According to the Industry and Trade Ministry's statistics, the average sales jumped to 1,231 from 1,082 per day of the previous session, which is equivalent to 13.8 per cent rise, AllAfrica reports.

The increased cattle supply and falling prices did not impact on retail meat prices in various parts of the city ranging from 5,000/- to 7,000/- per kilogramme. Mature cattle female grade two (G2) was the only breed that posted slight price increase of 1.6 per cent to 650,000/- compared to 640,000/- of the previous session.

Also, the prices for grade three (G3) female cattle recorded a 5.5 per cent decline to 480,000/- compared to 508,000 of the previous market. The prices for mature cattle male grade (G2) declined to 800,000/- from 850,000/- in the week under review recorded in the previous period, representing a 5.8 per cent change.

The prices of the male cattle grade (G3) declined to 537,000/- from 550,000/- of the preceding session which is 2.3 per cent fall. Some of the regions where most of the cattle came from were Arusha, Mwanza, Shinyanga, Kagera, Dodoma, Singida, Mbeya, Musoma and Tabora.

Meanwhile, the daily average sales of goats at the market increased to 461 from 301, which is equivalent to 12.7 per cent change of the previous period. The prices for mature female goat grade two (2) registered 5.4 per cent to 61,500/- from 65,000/- of the previous week.

The prices for female goats grade three (3) increased to 45,000/- from 43,000/-, which is 4.7 per cent rise. Mature male goats grade two saw its prices remaining unchanged 80,000/- as previously while the prices for male goats grade three increased by 11.1 per cent to 50,000/- from 45,000/- of the preceding session.